F*uck Flake 2020 Fck Snowflake Laser Engraved Christmas Tree Ornament

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Let's face it, 2020 deserves a glorious word of it's own and what better way to sum it up than a 2020 fuckflake!

This glorious Christmas ornament measures approximately 3.9"x3.6" and is laser cut out of premium acrylic in the North Pole at Santa's Workshop. Each precision cut fckflake also includes a red ribbon, hand tied by northern elves so it can be displayed proudly on your Christmas tree. Commemorate the year with this majestic ornament that is sure to put a smile on your mask covered face.

Each flake is unique and since it's made out of acrylic it is more durable than the previous wooded version. Ring in the new year with a fuckflake on your tree, or several to spread the cheer around your entire tree! These also make great gifts as well. I hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

Disclaimer: These are not actually made in Santa's Workshop or hand tied by elves. Disappointing, I know... They are actually laser cut in North Carolina by a small family owned business and the ribbons are hand tied by us, not Northern Elves :)

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