1 Set Plain Finished Set - 3/4" 18mm 13 ply BB/BB Birch OR 3/4" 7 Ply Maple

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1 Set Cornhole Board Frame Kit - 3/4" 18mm 13 ply Birch OR 3/4" 7 Ply Maple

1 Set cornhole Board Tops Kit (2 Pieces)

Precision cut with a state of the art, industry leading computer guided CNC machine. 

Includes all parts for 1 complete set of cornhole boards.

2 left side frame pieces

2  right side frame pieces

2 top frame pieces

2 bottom frame pieces

4 center braces - 2 for each frame

2 left side legs

2 right side legs

2 leg braces 

* No hardware is included 

 -Ready for any round over bit you like or you can leave them square cut if you like

-Possible Patches


 -Radiused corners

-Routed edges and hole

-Approximately 47.75"x23.75"  - regulation size

-Perfect 6" hole centered 12" from the side and 9" from the top  


- Dado joints for braces to slide into. This increases build durability as well as efficiency in build time- Built in handles

- Dado joints in legs for leg brace to slide into. (You will need round over bit of 3/16" or 1/4" on leg brace so brace fits securely in dado pocket. We recommend 3/16" round over for best fit)

-Lettered left and right side pieces for easy identification-Double braces included for each board 

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